To Our Customers

My dear Friends and Supporters,

Spring is a busy time at Meadow Creek Farm! Between feeding animals and planning the upcoming crop, I barely have time to sit down, but I wanted to take a moment to write to you. As an independent local farmer, it is important to me to share with you the story behind getting your food to your fork.

I founded Meadow Creek Farms in 2011 because I’m passionate about food and committed to supplying my customers the best quality of vegetables and meat products available. We use no pesticides on our crops, nor any hormones or steroids in our meat products. Operating a farm using humane and sustainable practices takes a lot of work but it’s worth it knowing that we’re producing food that is healthier for people in a way that is healthier for our planet.

Are our costs a little higher than the big box grocers? You bet they are. But once you consider the environmental, health and social costs associated with the big agribusinesses that supply those chains, you realize the money you are saving has consequences.

You are always welcome to visit Meadow Creek Farm to see how we operate because we want you to feel as deeply connected to the food you eat as we do. From the moment you drive through the gate, you’ll get a sense of the meaningfulness of what we do here. The food you buy from us? It all comes with a story. When you purchase our food, you are not only supporting a woman-owned local business, you are helping to sustain a self-reliant and resilient food systems network that values organic, humane and sustainable agricultural practices. You’ve eaten our food; you know you can taste the difference!

Meadow Creek Farms operates on a different model than a typical CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription. That model, like ours, sees an initial investment in spring (paid in one lump sum or by installments) but allows consumers very little choice in the end product they receive over the course of the following months. At Meadow Creek Farms, we’re all about choice.

Which is why I’m writing to you today. Each spring, we ask our supporters to make a commitment to us (for the suggested amounts of $500 or $1000 – which can be paid at once or in installments) and at the same time tell us the products they are most likely to want over the course of the year. This not only helps us with our start-up costs in the spring, it helps us ensure that you get the product you want when you want it. Love our bacon? We love growing it for you. Did you know that because we don’t use steroids or hormones in our pigs, it take about eight months for us to produce that bacon for your breakfast?

A commitment from you now will help us meet our commitment to you to deliver high quality food to you later. We are at that time of year when we need to know what you want us to grow for you, whether it’s garlic or pork chops.

With regular deliveries to Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Slave Lake, Calgary and Jasper, we make it convenient for you to incorporate delicious, local food into your family’s meals. We want to concentrate our efforts on growing the food you want to eat. By making an investment this spring and letting us know what you’re likely to buy throughout the year, you help us produce the high quality food that reaches your fork.

We’re asking you – who we already know to be a conscientious consumer who cares where their food comes from - to become part of the story behind that food.

Will you join us? Let Mandy know what your plan is and together we will make it work as that is what we do at Meadow Creek Farms!