Food being marketed as “Local “does not always meet all the criteria of being from a true local food system. Those of us connecting people to products in the world of direct marketing “Farm to Fork" often hear about the concerns people have with reality of climate change, the fragility of the supply chain and our dependence on out of province and out of country food imports. There is definitely an appetite for more conversations around local food systems and food sovereignty and a desire for knowledge around how we protect our local food supply.


One key way to secure your local food supply is by working cooperatively with farmers like Mandy. Due to the 2021 drought, feed costs are almost prohibitively high. With a feed deposit, you will help your famer with cash flow and you will get a return in meat in October 2022.  We prefer that you choose whole chickens but you can talk to Mandy and choose whatever product you would like. This deposit is key to us remaining a viable operation and helps with  the purchase of chicks, weaner hogs, and feed from April until October!


We will remain committed to growing food for your family, if you are able to commit to choosing our meat in your family's food system!

2022 Feed Deposit

  • As we are a small farm-to-table operation, we can maximize efficiency and keep overall costs down by having a minimum order requirement of $200 and a nominal home delivery cost of $8 per month. We have reliable, professional drivers who will contact you directly to schedule your delivery time. Join our Email List for upcoming delivery dates in your area and farm updates.

    Please make sure to include your mobile phone number with your order. If you are unable to be home, please leave a large cooler outside on your step.

  • If you are happy, tell many. If you are unhappy, tell Mandy and she will replace or exchange your product. We are unable to offer refunds.