Thank you for considering partnering with us! We are a small northern Alberta farm (and not a grocery store!) so we do require a minimum order of $200 to maximize efficiency and workloads. Payment plans are definitely available and we hope to become a regular part of your family's food system! Our free-range meat products are priced by weight and your final invoice may be adjusted up or down at time of delivery. Our nominal $8 per month delivery fee brings your product to your door from our cheerful, professional drivers.


All in-stock meat products offered for sale are from our 2021 season; uncooked, unseasoned, wrapped and frozen and listed at 2021 prices. Prices for 2022 products may increase due to market conditions including, weather, feed costs and delivery costs. Thank you for supporting your small farmer!


2022 Egg Subscription Price List

Occasional egg purchase $8.50/doz

4 dozen a month is $7/doz

6 or more dozen a month is $6/doz



$6.95/lb whole chicken. Large birds approx $35 each. Prefer to sell in pairs.
$19.95/lb chicken breasts. One bird = 1 pkg with two breasts. Large and meaty. No saline injection.

Small Box $65 breast 2 pkg (4 count)
Med Box $120 breast box (approx. 8 count)
Large Box $200 breast box (approx. 6-10 packages depending on weight)


$12/lb thighs offered as $45 per packge or $90 for two
$10/lb drumsticks offered as $70 for 2 large pkg


$50 wings for 1 large pkg
$90 wings for 2 large pkg

$22/lb ground chicken 1 pkg = 1 lb

$20/lb ground chicken for 5 lb or more

Chicken livers, hearts and carcasses available later in the 2022 season on request.



$10/lb pork chops and roasts. Each actual package varies slightly in weight but approximate package prices are below. Mandy will adjust your invoice at time of delivery.

$25-$35 pork shoulder roast average cost

$20 pork chops 1 pkg (4 chops at 3/4" thick)

!! Also see our separate $200 chops and roast package !!


Ribs are priced at $20/lb sold in 2.5 lb package

$25-$35 rack of ribs

$12/lb ground pork comes in 1-1.5 lb. packages

$10/lb ground pork when buying 10 lb or more

$48-$80 bone-in ham ($15/lb) SOLD OUT

Boneless ham ($20/lb) SOLD OUT
$25/lb bacon comes in 1.5 lb pkg

$20/lb bacon when you buy 3 pkg or more



Breakfast, Ham Garlic, Bratwurst, Cheese Smokies and Pepperoni are all gluten-free and vacuum-sealed in 1 lb packages.


$17.50 /lb for 4 or fewer packages

$15/lb for 5 or more packages

$150 for 10 sausage pkgs

Sausage sizing as follows:

Breakfast sausage is 9 links per package (1 lb)

Ham garlic is 1 lb roll

Bratwurst 4 links (1 lb)

Cheese smokies (4 links) 1 lb

Pepperoni 1 lb pack sticks



Pricing Guide

  • All of our free-range meat products should be cooked with low, moist heat. Mandy recommends 325F. 

    Our birds are not rushed to gain weight. They are raised in 90-110 days, giving a different product than the grocery store or large direct-to-consumer farms. We also do not put additives in our finished chicken cuts that help retain moisture or add unwanted sodium. Our birds thrive outdoors with lots of space and the ability to forage. More exercise adds more flavour to the meat, and low, slow, moist heat brings out the best flavour and texture.

    Our hogs are raised outside over 8 months in straw bale houses in the winter and acres of grass in the summer. They are allowed to root, explore and be social which keeps them happy. Again, we recommend low, moist heat for the best result.