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Dear World,

The rain has come so we have early moisture! That is all we know at the moment but we are hopeful! Mandy's soil has been built up to be very resilliant and the taste of all veggies are very high quality. This is what is in the works!

Hand planted, hand weeded, hand harvested!


  • Tomatoes - Take home green in Sept. can ripen till November. 10 lbs minimum.
  • Rhubarb- June-Sept
  • Kale- July-Oct
  • Pickling Cucumbers and Fresh Eating Cucumbers and Dill. 10 lbs minimum - August and Sept
  • Onions- Size determined by moisture but always tasty. 5 lbs minimum. Sweet Spanish and one row of Reds have been planted!
  • Carrots and Beets - This year Mandy needs a commitment as the labor for weeding is quite high. 10 lbs minimum order.
  • Peas and Beans - Can grow but you would have to come pick when ready!
  • Cabbage - Sept
  • Broccoli- August -Sept

  • Celery-August-Sept

  • Herbs - Well most people really don't order them, but Mandy enjoys growing Sage, Basil, Oregano -Aug-Sept
  • Potatoes - Will have potatoe- July-Oct 10lbs min
  • Raspberries - We have 2 acres and we never know what the crop will look like. The last few years have been really good. We pick, then freeze but you are welcome to come pick fresh.
  • Rhubarb - We have it from June through September. This year Mandy will sell frozen bags as well!




Most veggies are $3.50per lbs, if you come and pick, they will be a bit cheaper! Garlic and Raspberries are different price points. Small amounts are lots of work so they are generally$4/lbs.  The more information we have before the better we can price!

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