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Mandy will contact you directly to confirm your start date.

Current Status:  Subscriptions openings for June start! Signing up puts you in the que if there are any cancellations!


Subscription Price based on a  who prepaid commitment! If you do not pre pay you will be able to puchase non subscription eggs when there is supply!  Priority will be given to families who also purchase meat from us. We encourage you to look at our monthly meat box options


Picking eggs is a 365-day-a-year job. You are welcome to pay in quarterly increments, but we need your renewal to be made online to ensure our hen numbers match our subscription numbers. With the high cost of feed, we are only producing to scale.



**Pay in full or quarterly instalments. For instalments, please select the COD Payment at checkout. Choose 4, 6, 8, or 12 dozen a month beautiful farm fresh eggs from our pampered laying hens.


4 doz is  $8 per dozen and $8 for delivery $40/month

6 doz is $7 per dozen and $8 for delivery $50/month

8 doz is$7 per dozen and $8 for delivery $64/month

12 doz is$7 per dozen and $8 for delivery $92/month


Convenient delivery to your door for $8 a month is included in the item price. Select Egg Subscriber at checkout so you aren't charged twice. We commit to growing food for families who commit to our farm long-term. As such, our Egg Program is available on a membership basis with a 12-month commitment. Estimate your family's egg usage for breakfasts, baking, and casserole and sign up for your share. As we are a small farm and not an industrial operation, eggs will come in both white and brown and mixed sizes! Our eggs are washed and examined by humans and sometimes cracks well, slip through the cracks. Shallow cracks aren't normally an issue, but deeper ones could cause a bad egg. If this ever happens, please let Mandy know!


This item is priced at the annual cost. To pay in quarterly increments, select COD on the payment page and pay by e-transfer or Pay Pal.


PAUSING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION: Committing to raising eggs is a very big job! Our subscription allows you to miss 2 months per year. Additional missed months are the responsibility of the subscriber to either pay for the eggs or find someone to take them. Mandy will donate your eggs but ask that you pay for them if you miss more than 2 months in a 12 month subscription. Farming is very hands-on during the summer months and our team doesn't have the capacity to find new homes for eggs already in our production cycle. Thank you so much for your understanding!Thank you for including Meadow Creek Farms as part of your family's food system.* Special note: during times of egg shortages, Mandy will bring you partner farmer eggs that are a part of our co-op. - Farmer Mandy lol

2024 Yearly Farm Fresh Eggs - Adopt your Hens

  • As we are a small farm-to-table operation, we can maximize efficiency and keep overall costs down by having a minimum order requirement of $200 and a nominal home delivery cost of $8 per month. We have reliable, professional drivers who will contact you directly to schedule your delivery time. Join our Email List for upcoming delivery dates in your area and farm updates.

    Please make sure to include your mobile phone number with your order. If you are unable to be home, please leave a large cooler outside on your step.

  • If you are happy, tell many. If you are unhappy, tell Mandy and she will replace or exchange your product. We are unable to offer refunds.

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