Does size really matter? Well, in the world of garlic there are many perceptions that larger is better, but this is not the always the case. Mandy raises two varieties of garlic: Persian Star which is a heritage variety, traditionally with a smaller head and stronger flavor.

The second is our farm's own, newly-named Matthew's Zest which has characteristics of Russian Red. After 10 years of learning to grow garlic, Mandy has had a steep learning curve in the importance of tracking all the seed she has worked with. So, to identify all that has come into the Mandy’s garlic land, we have introduced a new name for an amazing tasting garlic. Hand-harvested, definitely heritage; Matthew’s Zest is one of the most flavorful heirloom garlics we offer. Approximately 6-9 cloves per bulb! Please note that if crop has smaller bulbs, Mandy will ensure that you receive the equivalent of a large bulb.


ORDER YOUR 2022 Garlic  Packages

$1000 package = 225 or the equivalent of healthy bulbs of garlic  

$500 package = 105 or the equivalent of beautiful bulbs of garlic  

$250 package = 50 or the equivalent of scrumptious   Bulbs of garlic  

$110 package = 20 or the equivalent of awesome  bulbs of garlic 

$ 50 package = 9 or the equivalent  bulbs



For the safety and protection of your garlic, Mandy will ask you to receive your garlic right at the time of harvest and cure it at home. Garlic needs to be treated like an egg: if it bruises and cracks, it will not last as long and that is why we ask you to cure your batch at home as our space is limited.


How To Cure Your Fresh Garlic at Home - COMING SOON


Heritage Alberta Garlic

  • As we are a small farm-to-table operation, we can maximize efficiency and keep overall costs down by having a minimum order requirement of $200 and a nominal home delivery cost of $8 per month. We have reliable, professional drivers who will contact you directly to schedule your delivery time. Join our Email List for upcoming delivery dates in your area and farm updates.

    Please make sure to include your mobile phone number with your order. If you are unable to be home, please leave a large cooler outside on your step.