In this package you will receive:

3 pkg chicken breast (6 breasts) 

1 pkg chicken thighs (8 large thighs)

1 package of chicken drumsticks (8 drums)

2 packages of ground chicken (approx. 1 lb each)


When food becomes industrialized and commercialized, our connection to the land and the know-how of generations of farmers is lost and our food security and quality are at the mercy of corporate profit margins.


When you choose a monthly chicken box from Mandy, you are choosing to support sustainable food grown right here in Northern Alberta. Our prices reflect the best value we're able to offer for our superior product, and takes into consideration our unique challenges of geography affecting our growing season and distribution models.


Product is vacuum-sealed and frozen.

Best Seller Monthly Chicken Box

SKU: 22-003
  • All of our free-range meat products should be cooked with low, moist heat. Mandy recommends 325F. 

    Our birds are not rushed to gain weight. They are raised in 90-110 days, giving a different product than the grocery store or large direct-to-consumer farms. We also do not put additives in our finished chicken cuts that help retain moisture or add unwanted sodium. Our birds thrive outdoors with lots of space and the ability to forage. More exercise adds more flavour to the meat, and low, slow, moist heat brings out the best flavour and texture.

    Our hogs are raised outside over 8 months in straw bale houses in the winter and acres of grass in the summer. They are allowed to root, explore and be social which keeps them happy. Again, we recommend low, moist heat for the best result.