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This package gets you 12 whole chickens that are cut in parts.

It costs Mandy more to cut a bird so getting this package is a smart way to save money.


Option 1- Based on 12 Whole birds Cut


12 packages of Chicken Breasts( Some ground is optional but additional cost)

3 packages of Chicken Thighs

3 Packages of Chicken Drums

2 Packages of Chicken Wings


Option 2 - Based on 24  Whole Birds Cut


24 packages of Chicken Breast( Some ground optional but additional cost)

6 packages of Chicken Thighs

6 Packages of Chicken Drums

4 Packages of Chicken Wings


The idea of this packages if for you to take at the time of processing. We can split into a few delivieres to meet your freezer space needs. Your commitment of purchasing these parts makes life better for you and the farm thank you with all my heart!







Chicken of the Land Cut Whole Chicken

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