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This is how it works! We deliver you a box once a month through Nov and April! Each month we will update you on the "Chicken Credit" remaining after each delivery!


We raises you chicken that you can choose all year long. This year there is more pressure than normal to pay the processing for the chickens before the end of 2023! If you are able to please commit to our chicken boxes! We can work with you on delivery and we can be flexiable but we need to know where our chicken is going!


This desposit will be specifically for the chicken boxes and will be returned of 5 months or all at once!


This box can be adjusted based on your choice but we hope you will choose us! Also makes a great gift!


1 whole chicken( plan for a minimum of 3 meals from 1 bird) diner- lunch-soup!

1 package of 12 whole wings( 12 whole- 24 split)

2 breast( 4 breasts)

1 package of thighs( 8 peices)

1 packge of 8 drums (8 peices)

1 ground chicken package

Items can be added and price will be adjusted at time of delivery!


We love growing chicken for you and hope to continue! There will be a $8 delivery fee added to each delivery if you are not already an egg subscriber.






Winter Chicken Part Box 5 boxes