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Have many people with too much stuff in thier lives? Suasage can be breakfast, Lunch, Super or Snack! Kids and Adults alike all have thier faviorites!


In this package you will receive:


Option A $160

3 Ham Garlic Sausage (Kubasa rolls)

3 Breakfast Sausage (9 links each)

2 Pepperoni (1 lb each)

2 Cheese Smokies (4 smokies each)


Option B $320

 6 Ham Garlic Sausage (Kubasa rolls)

6 Breakfast Sausage (9 links each)

4Pepperoni (1 lb each)

4 Cheese Smokies (4 smokies each)




You can substitute in Bratwursts if you like!

Christmas Gift Sausage Pack

  • All of our free-range meat products should be cooked with low, moist heat. Mandy recommends 325F. 

    Our birds are not rushed to gain weight. They are raised in 90-110 days, giving a different product than the grocery store or large direct-to-consumer farms. We also do not put additives in our finished chicken cuts that help retain moisture or add unwanted sodium. Our birds thrive outdoors with lots of space and the ability to forage. More exercise adds more flavour to the meat, and low, slow, moist heat brings out the best flavour and texture.

    Our hogs are raised outside over 8 months in straw bale houses in the winter and acres of grass in the summer. They are allowed to root, explore and be social which keeps them happy. Again, we recommend low, moist heat for the best result.