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If you are new to our Farm Store, here is a package that will give you a chance to learn how to prepare a variety of cuts of our slow-raised birds.  We recommend cooking low and slow with moist heat. Cutting the birds is expensive and I do my very best on pricing. You have to try it to understand the amount of meat you receive vs store bought birds.


In this package you will receive:


1 whole farm-raised chicken

1 breast package (two large breasts)

1 thigh package

1 drum package

1 wing package

1 ground breast package

1/2 smoked chicken


Product is uncooked and frozen.

Try Me Chicken Box

  • All of our free-range meat products should be cooked with low, moist heat. Mandy recommends 325F. 

    Our birds are not rushed to gain weight. They are raised in 90-110 days, giving a different product than the grocery store or large direct-to-