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Don't forget your Chicken with your Eggs!

Each month you can receive a whole bird or you can take all 12 at once!

You can pay incrementally.

Raised out doors and free to roam, eat bugs, grass, run, spread their wings and live like chickens should!

Sizes are mixed from 5 to 7 lbs..some are bigger some are smaller you can let Mandy know what size preference you like but you will get a mix and the price is around 6.50 per lbs.  Remember Mandy's meat does not shrink! You have to try it to understand it, but when you do, you will learn that there is no comparison between Mandy birds and the other guys.

Beautiful Whole chickens to make many meals from you can make the stuffing and enjoy soup and stock! Make Memories around your kitchen table!


Note: All chickens need to rinsed inside before preperation

If you order chicken only and you are not an egg subscriber there will be a $8 per month delivery fee.


In this package you can choose

Option A

One  Whole Bird  per month 12 birds  =$500

Option B

Two Whole Birds plus one per month 25 birds =$1000


We thank you for letting us be apart of your story!



Chicken of the Land Once A Month Whole Chicken-12 Whole Chickens

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