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$5 donation from every $30 bag sold

“Our farmland in Alberta was settled by my family who came from Ukraine. They brought with them strong backs, hands and hope. I am grateful for the trees they planted, the soil they built and maintained and the hope and knowledge they inspired." - Farmer Mandy


To date we have sent $1000 to Milijeve from 200 bags of garlic sold. Thank you for your enthusiastic support!


We have a beautiful garlic crop and we want to help Milijeve (Milievo). For each $30 bag of garlic sold (containing the equivalent of six large heads), $5 dollars will go directly to the people of Milievo. Mandy's cousin Zina was born and raised there (she now lives in Newbrook, AB). Her family back home are helping to feed the refugees who have inundated their small village of 1,200 people. 

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Our Organic, Alberta-grown Garlic

Does size really matter? Well, in the world of garlic there are many perceptions that larger is better, but this is not the always the case. Mandy raises two varieties of garlic: Persian Star which is a heritage variety, traditionally with a smaller head and stronger flavour.


The second is our farm's own, newly-named Matthew's Zest which has characteristics of Russian Red. After 10 years of learning to grow garlic, Mandy has had a steep learning curve in the importance of tracking all the seed she has worked with. So, to identify all that has come into the Mandy’s garlic land, we have introduced a new name for an amazing tasting garlic. Hand-harvested, definitely heritage; Matthew’s Zest is one of the most flavourful heirloom garlics we offer. Approximately 6-9 cloves per bulb! Please note that if crop has smaller bulbs, Mandy will ensure that you receive the equivalent of a large bulb.

We also sell our organic Alberta garlic in bulk.

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Meadow Creek Farms was born out of the desire to connect Alberta consumers directly with quality meat and field-grown vegetables. Mandy Melnyk farms on her parents' land near Waskatenau, Alberta. From an early age, she learned the value of hard work and the importance of family farms and local food systems. Mandy has been learning how to make things work with her operation since 2011.

We are committed to growing what we can in our Northern Alberta climate for you in a way that is honourable, sustainable and humane. We are a small team of humans who value real food raised slowly, naturally, and with bio-diversity in practice. We do not include corn, soya or antibiotics in our poultry or hog feed. 

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