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Friends, we raise our birds May through October! We raise our birds slow out doors!  We grow our birds for you to puchase and recive through the year to match you freezer space and meal planning needs!


"Meadow Creek Farm  chicken is raised outdoors and for longer than the industry standard which means the meat is leaner and needs to be cooked a little differently than standard chicken. While the breast is a substantial size, it is not disproportionate to the bird's body which means the bird is healthier and is able to roam freely without experiencing the physical ailments typical of many factory farmed birds." Twyla Campbell"

We start in May and so to fill the bins we need a bit of help before hand.  Here are some packages you can choose for the 2024 production year. Delivery between Aug 2024 -June 2025.Mandy  perferes all delivers made by Dec!


Option A $500 - 12 Whole birds -Average 6 lbs roughly 6.50 per lbs


Option B $ 1150-  Cut Mix of Birds 15 packs of breasts( 30),5 packs of Drums( 40) 5 Thighs( 40)( 5 packs of Wings(120) You will save roughly $175 by committing  


Option C $1200- White Meat Bird only 30 packages of Breast ( 60) You will roughly$150 by committing(some can be made  into ground but need to discuss with Mandy first)


Option D $1100- Dark Meat Bird only ,10 packs of Drums( 80) 10 Thighs( 80)( 10 packs of Wings(240) You will save roughly $150 by committing


You can choose more than one package! Thank you with all of my heart for giving me the opportunity to raise brids for you!  For deposits Mandy prefers emt, if you are new please send emt to and text Mandy 780-650-2047 before to disucss password. Incremental payments are welcome.

This is the best way to keep a small farm going! Thank you so much!



2024 Chicken Feed Deposit and 2024 Chicken Package Options

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