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Our Farm Fresh Egg Subscriptions

Sign up for our Egg Subscription Program


Picking eggs is a 365-day-a-year job. You are welcome to pay quarterly, but we need your annual commitment upfront due to the high cost of feed.The subscription price is more affordable and is based on the prepaid commitment.


How it works!

  • Please sign up and Mandy will contact you directly to confirm your start date.

  • Please sign up for the newsletter and add to your email safe list to follow delivery dates.  .

  • Mandy will add you to a regular text list for your zone.

  • Mandy can not support the whole farm on eggs only so she will ask you to consider purchasing meat, garlic and other veggies through out the year!

  • One of our drivers will contact you before delivery and ensure you are aware of delivery. If you are not home you can leave out a cooler or ask a neighbor to receive!

  • Please return cartons and leave on doorstep for driver to pick up!

  • Mandy will try to accommodate request for extra eggs when the hens co-operate!

  • We become connected and it is a pretty special relationship!


We raise our own laying hens and it takes about 8 months of care from hatching until they are laying regularly. Our birds have lots and lots of space, including roosts and wall nests. One hen will give us about 6 eggs per week. When you commit to a monthly egg subscription, we can commit to raising the right number of birds. Sometimes we may have surpluses or shortages. We will always communicate with you.

The eggs are picked 3x a day whether's it's -30 C or +30 C. Mandy's mom, Val washes the eggs and sorts out the cracks. This is done with great care and precision. The eggs are stored in a cold room and then delivered to your door. With our rotation system, eggs are moving in and out each week, to ensure you the freshest possible product. Mandy's dad, Lawrence, does a great deal of stewardship with fencing, feed augers, and ensuring dry, fresh wood shavings daily.  

​As the birds spend more time outside, they will inevitably scratch the wet soil and eat all things green, which might slightly alter some of the flavour of your Northern Alberta eggs. Just know that these are free, happy birds and the nutritional value of the eggs goes up as the they scratch more.

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How to Order


Skip the store. We deliver to you.

Each month we conveniently deliver your Northern Alberta slow-raised meat box and egg orders to your door.


Browse our products and order online. We do not have a minimum order. We will work with your budget and freezer space. Lots of our customers order with friends! Remember to include your full contact information, including delivery address and mobile number for texting. 


Payment can be sent manually by e-Transfer or at checkout with credit card, debit, or PayPal. An $8 delivery fee applies to all orders to help us retain our professional drivers and offer exceptional service. We understand times are tough, and if you would like to arrange incremental payments, please talk with Mandy!



Farmer Mandy will be in touch with you personally upon receiving your order, as well as ongoingly to build relationship. Our drivers will text you so you know when they are coming, Sign up for our Newsletter to watch for the next upcoming monthly delivery date.

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