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Friends this is for you to choose the products you love!


If you want to add extra individual items to your order, please drop-down the approx. dollar value and type what you would like! Final cost will be calculated at the time of delivery! All items are subject to avaiablity, when you order Mandy will let you know if there are any issues with availability, particularly with the pork products. 


Roasts, chops etc. are priced by weight so your final total may change. Mandy will have your updated invoice at the time of delivery. Prices may increase due to market and farming conditions.



  • 1Whole Chicken $45 each
  • 1 Chicken breast each package has 2 breast one bird one pacakage  $45-Larger breasts not pumped up.
  • 1 Packs of Thighs 8 peice $45
  • 1 pack of Drums 8 peice for $35
  • 1 Pack of Wings Full  (24 large) $45
  • 1/lb ground chicken 1 pkg = $25
  • Smoked Chicken $35 for half or$70 for whole approx




$12.5/lb pork chops and roasts. Each actual package varies slightly in weight

but approximate package prices are below. Mandy will adjust your invoice at

time of delivery. Recommend getting the bulk pork packages for best value.


$50-55 pork shoulder roast average cost

$25 pork chops 1 pkg (4 chops at ¾” thick)


Ribs are priced at $20/lb and sold in 2.5 lb package

$45-55 rack of ribs


$18 ground pork comes in 1-1.5 lb. packages


$25/lb bacon comes in 1- 1.5 lb pkg


HAM (subject to availability)

Boneless Ham $20/lb

Bone-in ham shank $17/lb

Bone in ham butt $17/lb



Breakfast, Ham Garlic, Bratwurst, Cheese Smokies and Pepperoni are all gluten-free and vacuum-sealed in 1 lb packages.



$16.5 /lb for 10 or more packages=10 for $165

$17 /lb for 6 or more packages =6 for $100

$20/LBS for 2 or less packages

Sausage sizing as follows:

Breakfast sausage is 9 links per package (1 lb)$

Ham garlic is 1 lb roll

Bratwurst 4 links (1 lb)

Cheese smokies (4 links) 1 lb

Pepperoni 1 lb pack sticks


Frozen Raspberries

1 bag ( 2.5 cups) $12


Garlic Butter- $8 per container


Perogies  come in bags of 2 dozen for $20 per bag

Cheddar and Potatoe

Cottage Cheese and Potatoe



Lasgana -All depends on size of peice

Small=25- Feeds about 2-4 people

Medium =50-Feeds about 4-6 people

Large =70- Feeds about 6-10 people


Soups =$7 per soup  $500 ml


Cabbage Roll Soup

Mushroom Soup


Ham and Lentil


This is a big list but we can make most things work for your needs! Monthly boxes and regular customer commitment make it possible for small farms to keep farming! Thank you with all my heart!  Mandy prefers payment by email money transfer when possible, signing up for this monthly commitment is designed to give Mandy an idea of what you are looking for! Mandy will work with you as you learn the art of cooking her food! Best to Phone or text  Mandy if you have any questions 780-650-2047  !














Pick What You Like - A La Carte

  • As we are a small farm-to-table operation, we can maximize efficiency and keep overall costs down by having a minimum order requirement of $200 and a nominal home delivery cost of $8 per month. We have reliable, professional drivers who will contact you directly to schedule your delivery time. Join our Email List for upcoming delivery dates in your area and farm updates.

    Please make sure to include your mobile phone number with your order. If you are unable to be home, please leave a large cooler outside on your step.

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