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In preparation for 2024 production! Mandy has a great sale on for you to stock up for the spring and summer! Substitutions can be made just call Mandy to discuss 780-650-2047! There is nothing like real chicken cooked slow to put smiles on your families face! 


"Meadow Creek Farm  chicken is raised outdoors and for longer than the industry standard which means the meat is leaner and needs to be cooked a little differently than standard chicken. While the breast is a substantial size, it is not disproportionate to the bird's body which means the bird is healthier and is able to roam freely without experiencing the physical ailments typical of many factory farmed birds." Twyla Campbell"


Option A $240

2 bags of wing( 48) count

2 bags of drums( 16) count

2 bags of thighs (16)count


Option B $ 435

4 bags of wing( 96) count

4 bags of drums( 32) count

4 bags of thighs (32)count

Some Loose Packaging


Option C-Best Value $1050

If you have the space,or if a group of you want to do a neighborhood bulk purchase. I recommend this package for best saving.

10 bags of wings ( 240) count

10 bags of drums (80) count

10 bags of things( 80) count

Some Loose Packaging

Spring Barbeque Box

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