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“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.”

When I was little my mom was always busy, so one of the ways she did her work while caring for a curious little girl was to have me stand watch at the gate to keep the cows from getting out and running around the yard.

It made me feel important that I had a job to do. While I was there, I would dream of being a mom with six kids of my own and having my very own farm. I would take a stick and plan it out in the dirt.

People would come to our house to get cream, eggs, chickens and butter and this all left a big impression on mini Farmer Mandy. I guess it’s really no surprise that I choose this as my life’s work.

What I didn’t fully see as a child was just how much of a load my mom was carrying: working two outside jobs and caring for four children, on top of the farm chores. She did whatever she could do to make sure we had what we needed. When we came home from school and dropped our backpacks, we just had to peek in the oven and love was right there.

Our Meadow Creek Farms families are all different, but many of the kids we feed today were in their mamas’ bellies when I first met them, or very, very young. Today they are watching the choices their parents make to support real food and small farmers, and have been educated to know the value of having a farmer in their life.

I invite you to consider purchasing our products and Join the Hope Rebellion as supporting a small farmer is an act of rebellion against corporate profiteering of food.

We have farm-raised chicken and pork, garlic and onions available for November and December home delivery in Fort McMurray and Edmonton.

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