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2022 Word of the Year

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Friends, it is my hope that you have enjoyed a few special moments over the last few weeks. I have so appreciated and enjoyed the well wishes and stories of the beautiful meals you have shared and it is truly an honor to be a part of your story!

As journalist and author Liz Gilbert suggests, every person has a word. Each year brings us inevitable transformations of one kind or another, and I believe there is power in acknowledging it with a chosen word.

My word for 2022 was inspired by all the characters who choose to participate in the story of Meadow Creek Farms and a movement that goes against the grain.

Eccentricity is the word that is dedicated and celebrated for 2022 and by definition is “unusual behavior that other people consider strange.”

It is an honor to have all of you share in the Eccentricities of building and sustaining a food system and being courageous enough to believe in and discuss a food system that is different than the status quo! One united fist is stronger than five pointing fingers. Together we make a mighty fist!

Thank you for your patience, questions and engagement with our Farm. It is super important to me that you understand we are only ever a phone call away and if you ever need a place to find peace or enjoy your own eccentricities, you are welcome to visit us! There is always a lot to fill the senses and the imagination at our little nook in the north.

Without you, we would have no Farm or Gathering Place Co-op! THANK YOU with all my heart, and I wish you a fun, creative and loving 2023!

May the force be with you,


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