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Know Where Your Food Comes From

"Everyone has a hairdresser, a doctor, and an accountant. Life is better when you have a farmer, too. Let's talk about knowing where your chicken and pork chops come from." Farmer Mandy

Mandy Melnyk and the Meadow Creek Farms village are committed to growing what we can in our Northern Alberta climate for you in a way that is honourable, sustainable and humane. We are a small team of humans who value real food raised slowly, naturally, and with bio-diversity in practice. We do not include corn, soya or antibiotics in our feed. Evidence has shown this is not good for animal or human health. We offer free home delivery in Edmonton and Fort McMurray with a minimum $200 order.

“When chickens get to live like chickens, they'll taste like chickens, too.”
― Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma:
A Natural History of Four Meals

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Relationships matter to us. We make a commitment to grow, and our customer families make a commitment to take a monthly delivery, including meat boxes, eggs and seasonal garlic and produce. We do have a minimum monthly order of $200 to manage our workloads and efficiency.

Farm to Table
Farm to Table

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Why we're different
Why we're different

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They live a happy life
They live a happy life

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Farm to Table
Farm to Table

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We are NOT a carbon-intense industrialized food system. We are stewards of our flocks, hog herds and fields. REAL food is raised, not manufactured. 

We raise a small number of poultry and hogs, and our sausages that people have come to love are made by artisans who take pride in quality. You are invited to follow our journey every step of the way. We deliver to your door once a month.

We appreciate your trust in us and your partnership. I hope you enjoy our beautiful, REAL, food. We would love to hear your thoughts or opinions and food photos, too.

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How to Order


Skip the store. We deliver to you.

Each month we conveniently deliver your Northern Alberta slow-raised meat box and egg orders to your door.


Browse our products and order online. Please note we have a minimum order requirement of $200. Remember to include your full contact information with your order, including delivery address and mobile number for texting. 


Payment can be sent manually by e-Transfer or at checkout with credit card, debit, or PayPal. An $8 delivery fee applies to all orders to help us retain our professional drivers and offer exceptional service. We understand times are tough, and if you would like to arrange incremental payments, please talk with Mandy!



Farmer Mandy will be in touch with you personally upon receiving your order, as well as ongoingly to build relationship. Our drivers will text you personally so you know when they are coming, Sign up for our Newsletter to watch for the next upcoming monthly delivery date.

What We Grow for You

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